Silt Police Officers enforce all criminal laws in the state of Colorado.  One of the most common crimes Officers handle are crimes of Domestic violence.  These incidents present a special hazard for Police Officers, as each year assaults on officers responding to these calls increase. In addition to arresting offenders, Officers are responsible for referring domestic violence victims to counseling and legal services.

In addition to Domestic Violence, Police Officers investigate burglaries, thefts, assaults, harassment, and trespassing.  Most of the criminal arrests made are initially investigated by the Officer that handles the call.  Only the most serious crimes or those cases requiring extensive follow up are referred to the shift supervisor or the Chief of Police.  Police Officers routinely handle traffic enforcement, drunk and disorderly persons, thefts, burglaries, fight calls, trespassers, and juvenile violators.

The Silt Police Department does have a Detectives Unit that primarily investigates Felony offenses.