Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is the Silt Police Department located?
A: The police department is located within the Silt Town Hall at 231 N. 7th St.  The entrance is through the main door of the town building.  Parking is available along N. 7th St.

Q: What is the Silt Police Department’s Address and Phone Number?

A: 231 N. 7th St Silt, Co 81652      PHONE: 970-876-2735

Q: How do I file a police report, report a crime in progress, or speak to a police officer?
For any emergency please dial 911.  Dialing 911 will connect you to the Garfield County Dispatch Center and they will then notify the police.  You may also come directly to the Police Department or call.  If it is after hours, please call 911 and tell dispatch that you need to speak to a police officer.  An officer will then be dispatched to meet you.

Q: How do I obtain a copy of a police incident report?

 A: In order to obtain an incident report you will have to come to the police department.  Keep in mind that if an investigation is ongoing, you cannot get a copy.  A copy of a police report must be approved by the Chief of Police. 

Q:  How do I get a VIN Inspection or Fingerprints?

A: Fingerprints can be done at the station by a police officer.  There is a fee of $10 for Silt Residents and $20 for non-residents.  A VIN Inspection can be done at the station or at your home if you live in the town of Silt.  The fee for a VIN is $15 for Silt Residents and $25 for non-residents.  All fees can be paid at the town hall.

Q: What should I do if I am involved in an automobile accident?
If there are no injuries and your vehicle is operable, move to the side of the roadway or to a nearby parking lot.  Leaving vehicles in the roadway increases the potential of being struck by passing motorists and creates heavy traffic congestion.  If there are injuries, or a vehicle is damaged to the point that it cannot be driven, call 911 immediately and request emergency assistance.  You may request police assistance for minor accidents with limited damage and no injuries, however, you also can file a Counter Report through the Colorado State Police Website by clicking here:

Q: What kind of information do I need to gather from the other driver(s) if I am involved in an accident?
Ask to see the persons driver’s license, proof of registration, and insurance information.  You will be required to display the same upon request.  If the other driver(s) cannot provide these documents, or they ask you not to call the police, notify the police to respond and verify their information.  Record the information on these documents along with the location of the accident, time of day, witnesses, and any other information you may feel is important to document.  If the police respond and a accident report is necessary, all of this information will be included in the report.  Failure to provide information is an offense under Colorado State Law.

Q: What should I do if I am pulled over by a police officer?
If you are driving and a police car signals for you to stop, please pull as far to the right of the roadway as possible and stop your vehicle as soon as you safely can.   

Try to remain calm, even if you are unsure as to why you were stopped, or if you don’t believe you did anything wrong.  If it is dark outside turn on your interior light so the officer(s) can see inside your vehicle.  Try to keep your hands in an area where the officer(s) can see them (i.e., preferably on the steering wheel).  This is to help reassure the officer(s) that you aren’t looking to harm them.  Unfortunately, a large number of police officers are feloniously killed or assaulted every year across the United States on traffic stops.  Most of these stops started for what seemed to be a minor violation.  That being said, police officers are trained to be prepared for the worst possible scenario, even though the vast majority of persons stopped have no intentions of harming them.  Do not exit your vehicle unless you are asked to (this includes any passengers).

When the officer approaches your vehicle he/she will inform you of the reason for stopping you.  You will most likely be asked to produce a driver’s license, vehicle registration and proof of valid auto insurance.  The officer will probably allow you to explain your actions that led them to pulling you over.  Please try to do this in a respectful manner, even if you disagree with them.  The officer should treat you with the same courtesy.

If you lawfully possess a firearm on your person or in the vehicle, and believe that it may become exposed to the officer’s view, notify them before reaching for anything that may expose it.  The officer will then instruct you on how he/she wants to handle the situation.  You will probably be asked to display a valid license to carry a concealed firearm.  At no time should you reach for the firearm. 

Q: I want to report a traffic issue or concern within my neighborhood.  What do I do?

A: You may report any traffic concerns you have by visiting the police department or calling us.  We will try our best to address your concerns as they may arise.  In an effort to reduce crime and keep the roadways safe for our residents and visitors, the Silt Police Department works hard to maintain a strong, visible presence in the community.

Q: Does the Silt Police Department provide vehicle lockout assistance?
Yes, Silt Police Officers are permitted to attempt to open a locked vehicle to retrieve keys left inside.   

Q: Does the Silt Police Department allow “ride-alongs” with an officer during his/her shift?
Yes, however, certain restrictions apply.  A waiver of liability must be completed and signed.  The arrangement is also subject to the approval of the Chief of Police.  Potential “ride-along” candidates may be subject to a criminal history/background check prior to any approval.  Any person convicted of certain offenses that would prohibit them from being a police officer will be denied from participating.  For more information on the “ride-along” program please visit the police department or call 970-876-2735.

Q: Can the police make extra patrols past my house if I am away on vacation?
Yes.  You may visit the police department in advance or call to let us know when you will be away.  An effort will be made to increase patrols in your area.

Q: Does the Town of Silt have a curfew restriction for juveniles, and if so, what are the requirements?
Yes.  Any unaccompanied person(s) under the age of sixteen may not remain on the streets, alleys, parks, or public places in the town after the following hours:  Sunday-Thursday: 10:00pm and Friday-Saturday: 12:00a.